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21 June 2011 @ 10:37 pm


Look, its so pretty...

Time to cross it off my wish list :3

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21 June 2011 @ 10:36 pm

I was working, givng out free samples of yoghurt. I came across a huge Islamic (noticeable by the hijabs on the teenage daughter and the mother) Somali family (I think they were Somali anyway, I am not sure, I just thought so since we have a pretty big Somali Muslim population in Wellington) on an adventure to the supermarket!

There was a mother, a teenage daughter, two smaller girls and three smaller boys.

They were the loveliest family I have ever come across. They were smiling and ripping into my yoghurt, and I wondered how people can have such a negative few on such a positive and happy family.

The brothers were encouraging their shy sister to take some yoghurt, and their Mother said ‘she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to kids’, but then she took some and looked up at me with the sweetest little smile I’ve ever seen and her brothers smiled.

There was one boy who was very talkative and made me laugh, he had double the amount of yoghurt haha.

They teenage girl was so lovely, asking all kinds of questions and smiling.

The mother was so nice and chatty, and always smiled. You could see how much she loved her kids.

They all helped each other, all suggested what they should buy at the supermarket, and had this complete and lovely sense of family.

I never thought of family being in my horizon before, but this sweet, together, positive, happy family really had something. They had something more important than self worth and it was just lovely. They had such a well rounded love for each other and consideration for each other.

Maybe, having a family would be something I can see coming up on my horizon. It just seems to bring so much joy and love. It is something else to care for in life other than yourself, something that must mean the world to you and bring you great amounts of happiness.

How come so many westerners have this idea that Muslim families are in misery?

How many muslim familys do you see being broken? How many divorces do you see in Islam? How many smiles do you see when Muslim families are together? How many Muslim husbands do you see providing and caring for their wives?

How many western families do you see enjoying spending time with each other, doing such a simple thing like grocery shopping? How many western families do you see being broken? How many western husbands grow to disregard their wives and kids as mine did? How many western couples do you see getting divorced?

And yet, Muslim families are corrupted and wrong and evil and whatever else you can throw in there?

Next time, take a look at your own family in comparison, and don’t be so quick to judge.

The family in headscarves is probably happier than most of the families of people you know.

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My life doesn’t revolve around lolita. It is just one part of who I am and what I’m into. It may be my main hobby and interest, but it isnt my only hobby and interest. I’m a person, with a range of conflicting interests. I like gore, I like rap, I like horror, I like a million things that arent loli, because I don’t have to just be into things that are lolita, and people who judge me for being into things that aren’t I see as pretty narrow minded.

Fair nuff if you do happen to just be into things that are lolita, but don’t expect all lolitas to be and then judge them for it.

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21 June 2011 @ 10:27 pm

I caught my cat with a little bird in his mouth. A sparrow. I went chasing after Yoshi and caught him, and took the little bird from him. The bird was even smaller than my hand. I put the little bird in a bowl and gave him some water. He just sat there, blinking slowly, recovering from the shock. I stroked his little head with one finger and talked to him. He seemed to get better and he purked up. He sat up and looked around. After a while, he jumped up onto the edge of the bowl, and jumped down onto the table. He sat there for a while. He started limping around the table, even though his foot seemed fine before. I ran upstairs to get the phone so I could call Mum and ask her what to do, but when I got back the bird was still. He wasn’t moving. I picked him up, hoping it would jerk a reaction, but it didn’t. His neck which had been so full of life and jolting in every direction just a few seconds before fell into my hands, as if the bones had dissapeared. I sat down and I cried. I cried more than anyone probably ever has over a little bird. I never thought death would affect me so much, but I got so so upset about this little bird that I’d only known for a few minutes. I called my Mum and cried my heart out. She said we’d have a lttle buriel for him when she got home.

At least the bird died in comfort instead of in the jaws of the cat.

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21 June 2011 @ 10:26 pm

Angelic Pretty Vanilla-Chan round JSK in mint BOUGHT :)

Innocent World Cherry Cat OP in blue BOUGHT

Angelic Pretty Petit Patisserie JSK in pink or mint

Angelic Pretty Wonder Story JSK in mint or pink

Angelic Pretty Milky Berry OP in mint

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Chained Berry Me JSK in bluepink (or blue)

Angelic Pretty Wonder Party skirt in pink

Bodyline Magical Cosmetics OP in brown

Bodyline Love Jewely skirt in pink

Bodyline Love Jewely bag in pink

Dream of Lolita Fantasic Dolly replica OP in purple

Angelic Pretty Lady Rose OP/JSK in mint/pink

Innocent World Little Lady jsk in any colour

Pink teaparty shoes from anywhere, maybe bodyline

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23 February 2011 @ 08:44 am
And how some people have complained about guidelines.

I myself, like the guidelines. Why? Because it means that the lolita community is proud to be lolita!

So many other subcultures arent, and therefore have unspoken guidelines, which still exist, they are just rarely, if ever, said, and I figure this is because they aren’t proud of their subculture, or part of it is denying that they are the style that they are.

For example (just an example, I’m not trying to criticise anyone inparticular or make fun of anyone), lets say, ‘emos’. Of coarse, when someone asks if they are emo, or mentions that they are, they are often quick to deny it. They also have fashion guidelines e.g. side fringe, skinny jeans, piercings etc. But these arent spoken, but stull expected.

Lolitas will proudly say they are lolita and into the lolita fashion, and we arent scared to mention the guidelines of our fashion. Besides, ever fashion/subculture/whatever has guidelines, spoken or not. Since ours are spoken, I think it is a good sign, and it means we are proud to be a part of the lolita community. This is part of the reason why I love lolita so much. :)

That isn't to say you shouldn't mix it up and be creative. Mix and match whatever you like, other subcultures do it all the time, as well as lolita, but still, they have unspoken guidelines where as we do. Everyone likes to put their own little twist on any fashion, including lolita. Having guidelines just makes it easier for everyone, especially when you wanna know which guideline you wanna twist! After all, they are guidelines, not rules. :)

And even if thewy were rules, rules are meant to be broken ;D

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20 February 2011 @ 07:50 pm
My name is Georgie, I'm an Australian lolita, but I currently live in Wellington, New Zealand.
Whenever I have something to say, an opinion, or whatever might be on my mind, I'll probably post it in this journal. :)
Have a lovely day!
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