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21 June 2011 @ 10:27 pm
Little Bird  

I caught my cat with a little bird in his mouth. A sparrow. I went chasing after Yoshi and caught him, and took the little bird from him. The bird was even smaller than my hand. I put the little bird in a bowl and gave him some water. He just sat there, blinking slowly, recovering from the shock. I stroked his little head with one finger and talked to him. He seemed to get better and he purked up. He sat up and looked around. After a while, he jumped up onto the edge of the bowl, and jumped down onto the table. He sat there for a while. He started limping around the table, even though his foot seemed fine before. I ran upstairs to get the phone so I could call Mum and ask her what to do, but when I got back the bird was still. He wasn’t moving. I picked him up, hoping it would jerk a reaction, but it didn’t. His neck which had been so full of life and jolting in every direction just a few seconds before fell into my hands, as if the bones had dissapeared. I sat down and I cried. I cried more than anyone probably ever has over a little bird. I never thought death would affect me so much, but I got so so upset about this little bird that I’d only known for a few minutes. I called my Mum and cried my heart out. She said we’d have a lttle buriel for him when she got home.

At least the bird died in comfort instead of in the jaws of the cat.

Current Mood: sadsad